< Guide Book: A Training Manual “How to Facilitate a Family Resilience Program”

Guide Book: A Training Manual “How to Facilitate a Family Resilience Program”

The Family Resilience Program is an integrated empowerment program (psychological intervention, financial strengthening, and ideological content) for women family members (usually wives or mothers), terrorism convicts, and exconvicts. As the name, this program aims to help participants become resilient in dealing with difficult situations, especially when their husbands or family members are being jailed. In the context of Indonesia, this program can be said to be quite effective in strengthening the women who are participants. One of the great things about the acceptance of participants in this program is that the topics and the activities provided are quite universal, according to what they need, and can be applied to their daily lives. Therefore, it will be more beneficial if the existing goodness can be transmitted to other communities, especially those outside Indonesia. This guidance is created to support our partner, Nonviolent Peaceforce, in Strengthening Local Stakeholders Capacity on Early Detection of Violent Extremism, Radicalism, and Terrorism in Sulu, Philippines. With the available instructions and activities, it is hoped that this guidance can be used by local CSOs to make the families who are beneficiaries of the program more resilient in terms of psychological, ideological, and financial. The hope is that a resilient family can form a resilient community as well. Finally, thank you for the trust given by the Nonviolent Peaceforce Philippines and the Royal Netherlands Embassy in making this Family Resilience Program Book. Of course, this is not a simple process, but it is still possible to realize. We hope that this book can be put to good use and developed/practiced for actors to prevent/counter violent extremism.